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Flying a kite

Joy and learning.

Yesterday it was windy here.

So my son said - it is perfect for a kite.

We found a (very dusty) kite and ran outside. Before the wind stopped, before it started to rain, before I remembered I was tired and have miles of exams to mark).

And he ran. He ran and watched as the kite took flight.

We imagined the kite was a baby dragon.

He became a general and directed me on kite tension.

We spoke about physics of flight and giggled.

And he ran. And laughed.

And ran.

He looked up at the sky with this little speck of red he was controlling.

A puppy came by and tried to save us from the flying menace.

We laughed.

He looked up at the sky with joy and a smile.

I saw his joy. I watched him run with no consciousness of where his body stepped, driven by joy and movement, purpose only in the moment, the next step.

Nothing before, nothing after.

It was beautiful.

But we forget. So many times in the midst of all the stuff 'to do', the things to finish, we forget to stop and enjoy. To run and just be. To take the moment, the minutes of wind, to fly the kite.

To see the promise of joy, of fun, even in the impending storm.

There is always some fun to be had.

There is always joy.

There is always beauty.

This is what youth is wise in.

They run out when we would take cover.

They run, and fly the kite, and laugh.

(May we remember to stop and enjoy. May we remember to play. May we find joy in all learning)


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