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We respect curiosity and have a passion for learning

We believe in innate curiosity. We believe in challenging bright minds. We believe in respecting learners as students and as individuals. We believe in teachers' creativity. We believe in learning beyond and outside the curriculum. We believe in learning driven by the search for knowledge. We seek deep, life-altering learning, learning that expands the mind, presents new ideas, and helps shape the person into a critical, engaged, global citizen.

Critical Thinking, Character Building
Education as a Force for Social Change

We believe in the power of education to change individuals and society. We want to offer courses that will develop critical thinking and global awareness.

We seek to provide excellent courses for students of all backgrounds. We set apart a percentage of all our revenue to provide scholarships for children who cannot afford our courses – from all over the world. We aim to partner with schools and charities to offer education and capacity building throughout the world.

We ask all our teachers to donate one class a year so that their knowledge can reach further. 

Supporting our Learners

We believe in students following their interests towards a deep and holistic education. We offer classes that cross disciplines and permit exploration. We work hard to create spaces where teachers and students feel safe and respected. We appreciate and respect student and teacher diversity. We encourage students to take classes outside their usual comfort zone, to allow themselves to grow by exploring new knowledge and new ways of learning. We limit the size of our courses to ensure we can engage with and support each thinker, taking into consideration SENs, including those of gifted learners.