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Our Thinkers are inspiring, thoughtful, insightful, humorous, and humble. This is a page where we can brag a little bit about the amazing things they do and what a joy it is to work with them! 

For our 'I, Robot' Politics, Economics, and Philosophy Book Club, Thinkers drew AI - they were amazingly creative! Each robot is unique and fascinating!

Some interesting questions that came from this: should AI be given humanoid features to make us more comfortable ... or will this lure us into complacency?

Should some areas be forbidden to AI (such as medicine, where life and death are at play, or art, where only humans should create?)

(We are missing one little Robot who is too small to upload yet. Also, you can double click on the robots to see them full size :) 



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We are based in Oxford, United Kingdom, but our learners join us from all over the world. 

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