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Thinkers who Act

When you study with us you help others.

A percent of every class fee is kept to provide scholarships for thinkers who could not afford our courses without help. 


We are looking for charities, NGOs, and schools we can partner with to bring critical, creative education to children worldwide.


We want to support capacity building in the education sector, and want to build links between thinkers world wide.


We will be updating this page with our partners. 

Please be in touch if you want to partner with us, or have a suggested partner. 


We want to make education accessible to all thinkers. If you, or someone you know, needs help accessing our courses please be in touch. A percentage of all fees is kept solely to grant scholarships to children all over the world. We want to help! Please get in touch.

New Scholarships and Promotions are announced on our newsletter. Please sign up to be kept informed. 

Global Citizens

All our classes seek to foster critical, global citizens. We aim to give thinkers the tools and motivation to engage with their society and the international community as thoughtful agents of change. 

All our teachers are experts in their subject with a passion for sharing knowledge. 

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