FAQ: How Do TMU Classes Work?

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ThinkersMeetUp uses technology to link students worldwide with the best teachers to create exciting and challenging courses.


We hope to change the world through critical conversations!

When you sign up for a class you will receive an email confirmation. Once the class has enough students to run, you will receive an email from your teacher with a link to our virtual classroom. This link will become active when your class starts.


On the right day and time you can click on this link and join a live class!


You will be able to see your instructor and fellow students, ask questions, listen to others' questions... You might also write in the chat, use the whiteboard, watch videos together... the possibilities are endless. In some ways it is revolutionary, in other ways it feels just like sitting with a group of friends and having a great conversation. Please note - you do NOT have to have your camera on - so you can still join, listen in, and speak, even if you are feeling a bit camera-shy!

Want to try it? Look through our always growing LIST of CLASSES. 

What makes TMU classes unique?

Our classes follow students' interest and Scholars' (teachers') passions: we are not limited by a curriculum. We will follow questions, go deeper, go slower, adapt as needed to facilitate deep, true learning. 

Our classes are SMALL. We keep classes between 3 and 8 students so each student can get the attention they need and deserve.

Our Scholars LOVE what they teach - when you love what you are doing it is not a job, it is a joy!

We pay Scholars fairly. We value their time and expertise. 

We believe education is about mind, body, and soul. We try to offer classes that inspire and challenge kids in all areas, and we are believe how we help shape Thinkers's kindness, thoughtfulness, and self-esteem is as important as anything we offer their mind. 

We believe in community. Our classes are conversation based. We want kids to come and discuss, laugh, enjoy. We are not preparing a set of lectures or videos - you can get those on YouTube. Come here for the human connection. The learning that happens in fun conversations between friends. 

We believe children are highly capable. Our classes seek to challenge.