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Living Books, Living Lessons

Living Books are a magic gateway into other worlds. They bring people, places, and stories to life – and make children understand and remember that world – in a way no text book ever could. That’s what we try to do with our lessons.

In the same way as a living book makes the subject leap off the page, we choose topics that inspire us and bring them to life for our learners. You can leap into one of our classes and find yourself in a world of bright thinking, engaging discussions, and a whole new way of looking at the world. When you leave the class, as when you close a living book, you take some of it with you and find it in the world around you. You think differently: brighter, clearer.

I had an English teacher who brought Shakespeare to life for me in my early teens. The previously ages-old language and characters suddenly dusted themselves off, stepped off the page, and spoke to me like friends. No text book could have done that; even seeing the plays on stage wouldn’t have meant much if I hadn’t had the key (my English teacher Mrs Jenkins) to open the door to that world and allow me to step into it.

Those teachers are all too rare, and very precious. We hope we can provide our learners with keys to other worlds which will bring them knowledge, understanding, happiness, and further keys with which to make our own world a better place.

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