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Our new logo

The most observant amongst you might have noticed that we have a snazzy new logo! And if you are wondering why we chose it - well, you have come to the right place.

We chose our logo because it is active - as is learning. Learning is a process. We encounter questions, we encounter ideas, we encounter puzzles... and we start to investigate, to enquire, to amass information... and our views grow, change, develop. Sometimes our investigations take us back to the beginning, or leads us to an entirely new path of research and growth. There is no single path to follow, neither is there a wrong step, as long as your path is illuminated by critical thinking and honesty. We hope to reflect this in our classes: our classes should start and support student in their own, dynamic, and active path of discovery. Learning is rarely a linear path, and it is certainly not a competition with others. It is a unique path for each learner. However, our learning processes often interact. As we learn, we inspire others. This is something else we hope our classes do. By holding our courses in small groups, we hope Thinkers will inspire each other, challenge each other. And we certainly find that our young Thinkers are constantly leading our Scholars into new paths of learning and growth as educators and as human beings.

Our colours. We chose blue as a nod to our home in Oxford. Green was chosen to symbolise our search for an environmentally aware, hope, justice, and peace seeking, education for our Thinkers.

Thank you for joining Thinkers Meet Up in our journey to develop new classes and new methods to inspire and support Thinkers in their unique journeys of critical thinking, of education, of human growth.

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