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TMU believes education can change the world. 

Our mission is to bring bright Thinkers from around the world together, to discuss global challenges, to inspire each other, to learn from each other. 

Each meeting is facilitated by world-class Scholars, who guide Thinkers to exploring knowledge across subject disciplines - from astronomy to philosophy, from engineering to psychology. 


Learning is active, based on discussions, and holistic.  

TMU believes every child deserves a personalised education to fit their abilities and needs. 


We offer a variety of online classes, from fun webinars to challenging and fast-paced, small-group Socratic tutorials. 

Our goal is to help broaden and deepen each child's education. 

TMU was set up by Oxford graduates. We want to make an excellent, joyful education accessible to all. 

Small group, fast-paced, interest-based classes for deep learning. 

Classes you can download and complete at your own pace.

Bringing communities around the world together to discuss our future.

What TMU families say

I am amazed to have found something so special as TMU and such an amazing group of teachers. The classes are so interactive and stimulating and add something really special to my son’s week. I feel so grateful and lucky that he has access to such phenomenal, fast-paced, inspiring classes.
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