Self-Paced Classes

Our self-paced classes DO NOT meet live, online. Instead, you are given access to a class carefully crafted by one of our TMU Scholars so you can explore the material with your Thinker on your own schedule. Classes will include videos of TMU Scholars explaining concepts, fun and interesting links, exercises and experiments to expand the learning. And each class will also contain a number of contact points with the Scholar running it so Thinkers can either meet with the Scholar 1:1, or get thoughtful comments on their work. 


5-7 year-olds

Discover Volcanoes 


Have you ever wondered what goes on in a volcano - how do they form, and what happens when one erupts?  In this class, we are going to explore all of this and more! ​


Students will watch a series of 4 videos, where we will learn how volcanoes form, why they erupt, what happens during an eruption, how volcanoes affect the land, and how they can even form islands.


At the end, students will watch me create a 'baking soda volcano', and will learn the chemical reactions that go on during this experiment and why they represent a volcano so well.


Students will also have the ability to interact with myself on Thinkers Meet Up on-line learning forum, Edmodo, sharing what they learned, asking questions on the discussion board, completing optional assignments, and sharing their baking soda volcano results.


This class is best suited for children 5-7 years old (1st-3rd Grade, KS1).




10-14 year-olds

Discovering Art Foundations through Art History and Art Appreciation

This class focuses on the basic elements of compositional design through exposure to art from ancient to modern.  Students will learn what the basic elements of art are and we will discuss how those elements are used in thoughtful art creation.


Each week, I will post a lecture video that discusses the weekly art element.  We will explore that element by looking at and discussing famous artwork that successfully uses it.  I will give tips on successfully making that element a part of a student's artwork through techniques, materials, and composition.


To facilitate an engaging learning environment, students will be encouraged to exercise their imaginations and critical thinking skills to create a piece of artwork each week that makes use of the element we are learning about.


Promotions:  Sibling discount of 25% will be given.  Have a group?  Group discount for 3 or more students of 20% off total cost.


10 GBP



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We are based in Oxford, United Kingdom, but our learners join us from all over the world. 

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