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Wayne Stubbs

My background is in philosophy, logic, and data science, although I have loved and studied classical languages and their literature for nearly 40 years.  I love them not for the grammar, with  which I struggled as a schoolboy, but for the richness of the language, the incredible subtlety that exists within what can seem like a rigid and logical structure, and the way its authors are able to weave it into beautiful poetry, powerful rhetoric, thrilling history and raucous comedy.  After a satisfying career in IT, I have committed myself to sharing my love of the Classics by tutoring and mentoring other learners.

Classics is not just rewarding in itself - it enriches the study of almost any other subject.  I love to help students make connections with other topics - to show how the things they read on the page have influenced the world around them.  Classical literature has survived because it reveals universal human truths, and shows us the common humanity that unites us across borders and across centuries.

I aim to introduce learners to original texts as soon as possible, to give them the satisfaction of studying a 'real' author.  In addition, I draw on the wealth of classical literature to encourage and reinforce learning in other areas, and to provide material relevant to learners and their experiences and backgrounds.  There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing a face light up in recognition and understanding.

In addition to my degree in Philosophy from the University of York, I have studied both Latin and Greek at an advanced level with the University of London and Oxford University, and am studying for a PGDip in Latin and Greek with the University of Wales.

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