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Hi everyone! I am Lucy.

I teach history, politics and philosophy, because I love grappling with you all about how we understand society, the world and the universe at large. I encourage thinkers to analyse the work of past and present philosophers, historians and politicians, to never stop asking their own questions, and to have rich discussions and debates. It is a delight to hear the diverse ideas and questions posed by Young Thinkers. These subjects bring together ideas old and new, how these have changed overtime, and what they can tell us about the world we live in now.


I have completed a History degree with First Class Honours at the Open University which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially the final year module where I studied political ideas through time. I have worked in both primary and secondary education and the third sector in learning support and have specialised in teaching those with disabilities. I also have a passion for the arts, have worked across charities and arts centres in Oxford, teaching arts workshops and also running groups based around personal rights for young people. 


I am currently living in Ullapool, in the Scottish Highlands - very far North in the UK, and hope to see the Northern lights soon! Ask me if I’ve seen them yet!


If I could describe teaching in three words, it would be: Never stop learning


If I could describe learning in three words: Fascination, growth, challenge.


Most memorable teaching moment:


When I was teaching about human rights to a group of disabled teenagers, learning from them how they experience the world and watching them develop their awareness of their own place within the political sphere and the world!


Most memorable learning moment:

Spending a two-hour university tutorial having none of my questions answered but only my own questions asked back to me- and learning more than I have in one lesson than I had in years!


My favourite things about working with Young Thinkers:

 Your wonderful ideas, questions, discussions, debates, passion for learning and humour! 

Lucy Parker

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