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Critical reading: Animal Farm

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This self paced course will help you think deeply as you read George Orwell's famous book 'Animal Farm'. The goal of the guide is to highlight political, historical, and philosophical ideas/events the book relates to. This is not your usual 'guide' to Animal Farm in that it does not provide content information. Rather this course prompts you to think DEEPER, HARDER, FURTHER, by presenting you with critical thinking question. You can answer this on your own or use them to discuss the book with a partner or a small group. Contents of the course: I. Learning strategies to read critically II. Preparing to read III. Revolutions IV. Creating a new society – rules and leadership V. Propaganda VI. Decoding an allegory VII. Ideas for creative writing/research If you do everything in this course, we expect it will take between 5 and 10 hours of work - it will make you think more deeply about the BIG ideas in the book, encourage you to communicate your ideas, and challenge you to research and connect the book to history and current events. (NB - this course contains no videos). (c) Thinkers Meet Up. No part of this course can be shared or reproduced in any way without our written permission.

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