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Thinkers Meet Up is committed to working with Thinkers to save our environment.

In the Autumn 2019 term, several Thinkers came together to create a series of inspiring videos, information booklets, and a an environmental pledge. We discussed the power of becoming thoughtful consumers. We discussed the dangers of plastic. We donated $$ toward reforestation . 

Buy what you NEED, not what you want

This is our Pledge for this term. 

We invite you to join us!

The pledge 

We are asking you to choose to change 4 things of the following for a month:

1: Try walking and cycling, instead of driving, when you can.

2: Try not to use airplanes.

3: If you want to make a gift, but are uncertain what to get a person, why not give them money with a kind note... this reduces unwanted consumption.

4: Look at where your food is coming from. Try to buy local good.

5: Try not to buy stuff you just don’t NEED like: wipes, slime, glitter, balloons, extra…

6: Don’t use goods that contain palm oil.

7: Try and repurpose and resuse everything you can. 

8: Try to not consume animal products. Can you try at least 2 days a week using

9: Try to use less milk, cheese, butter, cream, and other dairy produce. Can you use no animal products for at least two days a week? 

10: Reduce Reuse Recycle Rethink. Consume less. 

Need some inspiration? Why not watch the amazing videos TMU's Thinkers made?

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