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Helping Each Other

To help keep each other safe, it is best at this time to avoid public gatherings. We know that many schools are closing. We also know that staying home with active Thinkers can be tricky. So we are trying to help (while also supporting our Scholars, who also need their income). Please find below:

  • * A FREE introduction to Gamebooks by Stuart, one of our Science Scholars

  • * A list of FREE online learning resources put together by several wonderful members from the UK HE community HERE

  • * Some discounted art self-paced video courses, by our wonderful Scholar Karmen

  • * If you want your Thinker to take any of our courses but cannot afford them, please let us know and we will work with you to find a way. On the other hand if you find yourself able to sponsor a or part of a course for other young Thinkers please let us know. 

  • * Languages - please note that it is possible to join on-going language classes - please e-mail us to discuss. (

  • * If there is any other way in which TMU can help (set up classes for groups, co-ops, etc), please let us know!  

Self-Paced Classes


Pop Art

Taught by Karmen Paterson


To truly appreciate art, it is vital to learn a variety of things including about the life of the artist and the genre of art the artist falls in. But art appreciation isn't complete without creating a piece of your own imitating the style of the artist.

 The class offers a series of prerecorded videos that you will have access to


In this class, I will take students through a 15-20 minute presentation about the life and work of a different Pop Artist each week. I will talk about the techniques, subject matter, and materials the artist chose and how his or her art was received by critics of the time. I will spend the remainder of the class talking the students through the creation of their own artwork that mimics the artist we are studying that week. **I am not a technique teacher. I will talk about techniques the artist used and describe how to achieve that technique, but the ultimate piece each student creates will be much more free form and individual to the student.


Artists we will study: Week 1 Andy Warhol Week 2 Jean-Michel Basquiat Week 3 Roy Lichtenstein Week 4 Takashi Murakami 

25 GBP (50% off regular price)


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