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Critical Thinking and Media - the what, where, how, why of conspiracy theories

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Join Stuart Lloyd (TMU Science Scholar) to expand your critical and analytical skills, and your historical and psychological knowledge. In these classes you will learn about: - How information and misinformation gets shared through media. - The psychology of conspiracy theories. - How we can use logic to assess theories for their validity. - How we can become more critical consumers of information. Further, the class will develop historical and social awareness by discussing: - Conspiracy theories from the past. - How conspiracy theories work. The goal of this class is not to tell you what to think, but to give you the tools to become a more critical, thoughtful user of information. This class will cover: 1. Introduction to the course and to Stuart's background (2 lessons) 2. What are conspiracy theories: difference between science and conspiracies, the history of conspiracy theories, the psychology of conspiracy theories (8 lessons)

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