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Overview of Different Conspiracy Theories

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Join Stuart Lloyd (TMU Science Scholar) to expand your critical and analytical skills, and your historical and psychological knowledge. In these classes you will learn about: - How information and misinformation gets shared through media. - The psychology of conspiracy theories. - How we can use logic to assess theories for their validity. - How we can become more critical consumers of information. Further, the class will develop historical and social awareness by discussing: - Conspiracy theories from the past. - How conspiracy theories work. The goal of this class is not to tell you what to think, but to give you the tools to become a more critical, thoughtful user of information. This class will discuss a number of conspiracy theories including alien conspiracy theories, joke conspiracy theories, secret societies, medical and covid conspiracy theories, suspicious deaths, and low stake conspiracy theories. By learning about this theories you will gain knowledge in history, science, and more while becoming a more critical user of social media.

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