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Wing Chow

As a maths teacher with two kids, I am always looking for different ways for my children to learn. Since I also love to play board games, I often use board games to help.

Over 15 years of teaching experience in the classroom, I have encountered many children that excel in maths. Often, those who excel are Thinkers who also use maths a lot in daily life, rather than only using math during lessons or while doing a lot of practice questions. As maths is needed in many daily situations, children may get to practice their math skills every day, without being directly asked or even noticing it themselves. Playing certain board games and card games can be another opportunity for children to apply and practice their math skills, outside of a math lesson.


As a mom, I have seen the benefits of playing board games or card games with my own kids. Through these types of games, they can often practice their math skills, try to solve problems logically and work to improve how they handle adversity, as they both win and lose.

Image by Christopher Paul High
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