How do you learn?

January 14, 2019

Every time I meet a new Thinker, start a new class, I consider how these Thinkers learn, and I reflect on how I learn - to find similarities and differences which might help me inspire, communicate, teach! 


How do you learn? Do you follow a question? Do you absorb what you read and ponder on it? Do you create an internal logical system that you add to? Are you an intuitive learner? Do you learn the steps in a process and then replicate and test? Do you get a sense of the whole and then investigate the details as needed to resolve issues?



Learning, I think, is as unique as each human who does it. But we need to start by understanding ourselves, if we wish to try and help others learn. 


I have two sons and I am always amazed by their different learning systems. One, I feel learns a lot as I do. He is interested in the large vision and details are tackled as needed. He will read a book quickly, jumping over details he cannot understand with good intentions to return to these - if needed, and if nothing more interesting comes up first. My other son analyses the details and rules that make the whole. As we read if there is a word that breaks the phonics rules he has noted, he will stop and question, and try to understand. He will not ignore areas he cannot understand but stop to explore them. They are both brilliant and fun... but so different. 


How do you learn. How do your Thinkers learn?

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