On kids' need to change the world

July 4, 2018

Kids want to change the world. They are naïve, uninformed, biased… and wonderfully idealistic, energetic, and brave. Their vision is what moves the world forward. Yet, their force is so often underutilized and undervalued. Most terribly, it can be mischanneled and abused. Giving kids spaces to discuss their ideas, energetically and safely, is not a luxury. It is a necessity. For our future and for our safety. 


I had a wonderful political theory professor in my alma matter, Arizona State University. Dr Crittenden treated all his students as equals from whom he expected great conversations –marked by his sharp wit. In class, we discussed the main ‘isms’ – political ideologies such as liberalism, socialism, fascism, anarchism… he would fairly debate students on the benefits and flaws of each theory. He let students explore, he gently pro