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This course can no longer be booked.

Plant Adaptations - Biology

Ages 8-12, Meets 4 times, Thursdays, £20

  • Started 22 Feb
  • 20 British pounds
  • Zoom Class

Service Description

This four-week course will focus on the fascinating world of plants, taking Thinkers on an exciting trip of discovery around the world. We will meet a different type of plant (and ecosystem) each week. Week 1: Carnivorous Plants This intriguing class will discuss some special aspects of plant biology that make us think about what plants really are. We will briefly cover how plants adapt to specialised environments, with special emphasis on carnivorous plants. We will try to discuss the following questions: what is carnivory in plants? Why are they carnivorous? What are the different types of carnivorous plants and how do they work? How did plants become carnivorous? Week 2: Rainforest Plants: We will look at why rainforests are important on this Earth, what makes them so special and how they are useful to us. We will also understand how plants adapt to survive in this habitat and how they interact with other organisms to achieve this. Week 3: Desert plants: This class will cover how plants adapt to the desert environment. We will understand how deserts are a special habitat and how the plant survives in this extreme climate. It will cover structural adaptations of plants, as well as ways in which plants grow differently here. Week 4: Alpine Plants: This covers the following aspects of the national KS2 biology curriculum: plants and habitats, plants interacting with their environment, life cycle of plants, adaptation, and relationships in an ecosystem. The course content also ties in with aspects of Nature Studies, such as global awareness and the impact of climate change on plant life, multiple habitats and geography. The class will be in the format of a lecture with videos and discussions, and include a quiz. The students will gain skills of reasoning and questioning, problem solving, and learn some scientific language that enable them to think critically.

Cancellation Policy

We will do our utmost to ensure every booked class takes place. However, we strongly believe in the value of conversation between thinkers. Thus, we will not run a class with less than the minimum number of students. If we do not have a full group 24 hours before the class is set to start we will, sadly, cancel the session, refund all participants, and seek to run the class at a different time. Our full booking and cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Services.

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