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Classics Debates

Mondays 5pm, 1 hr, Meets 6 times, £66 (age 13-18)

  • Starts 9 Sept
  • 1 British pound
  • Zoom class

Available spots

Service Description

*** Please note IMPORTANT CHANGE TO PAYMENT INFORMATION at the bottom of this page *** This course will give students with an interest in Classics the chance to debate a wide range of topics relating to the ancient world. In each class I will introduce an issue or question, and provide evidence that the students can then use to form a view and debate the issue with each other, along with any prior knowledge they have on the topics. If they like the idea but would rather not debate, they can share their ideas in chat/vote on the most persuasive argument! The focus will be on critical assessment and interpretation of evidence, and forming a strong, convincing and coherent argument. This helps develop excellent (valuable and transferable) skills for life and for academic study in general, including essay writing. (The focus will not be on public speaking or technical debating skills.) We can debate topics of particular interest to the group. Examples of the types of debate we might include are: - Roman Emperors on Trial: e.g. was Claudius murderous and manipulative, or weak and manipulated? - Should the Parthenon Frieze be returned to Athens, or remain at the British Museum? - The Oath of Plataea - discovered in 1932; was it really sworn between the Greek allies before the Persian invasion, or a fiction created by later Athenians? - Greek heroes on Trial: e.g. Jason v Medea; Telemachus v Odysseus. - Should museums be transformed and dramatically modernised to attract new audiences? - Had Themistocles always planned to join the Persians? - Who was the greatest Spartan king / Roman general / which was the most important battle fought in the ancient world? *** IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATION *** The cost for the course is £66. Instead of booking through the TMU website, please pay the course tutor directly: 1. Via BACS transfer - please email to receive an invoice 2. Or via PayPal to: or via the link Please make clear in your payment reference which student and course the payment is for - e.g. 'Tom B. Classics Debates' If you are a new student, please also email me - to let me know that you have booked, and let me know the student's name and any relevant information such as SEN. TMU T&Cs apply.

Cancellation Policy

We will do our utmost to ensure every booked class takes place. However, we strongly believe in the value of conversation between thinkers. Thus, we will not run a class with less than the minimum number of students. If we do not have a full group 24 hours before the class is set to start we will, sadly, cancel the session, refund all participants, and seek to run the class at a different time. Our full booking and cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Services.

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