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This course can no longer be booked.

Advanced Ancient History, Topic 1 - pm

HERODOTUS (Ages 13-18, meets 6 times, £66, Tuesdays)

  • Started 12 Sept
  • 66 British pounds
  • Zoom class

Service Description

Ideal for students who want to gain a deeper and more complex understanding of Greek and Roman history. This course will prepare students for the next level of study, refining their knowledge of the subject and developing critical thinking and analytical skills along the way. Each topic will focus on the writing of an ancient author (in English), allowing students to read the ancient sources more closely and understand the history better. In this topic we will be exploring some of Herodotus's Histories, as he takes us on a tour of the ancient world and describes the places and people he encounters and the great events of the time. Each topic will also include other literary and archaeological sources to build a more complete picture and assess the reliability of the information we have. This is a 30-week course, but you can sign up for 6 weeks at a time, or only to a single 6-week block if you prefer. Each 6-week block of classes will explore one large topic, and include discussion and debate, as well as recommended reading to do between sessions. In this way students can develop their research and analysis skills as well as their knowledge of the subject area. There will be optional written work for each topic, which helps students to continue their exploration of the topic independently, as well as sharpening their writing skills. This course aims to support students working at GCSE+ level. Students working outside the traditional UK system can use this course to earn high school credit by fulfilling (optional) coursework. This will include reading and short pieces of written work. The group will be limited to 6 students to ensure opportunities for rich discussion and to enable adequate support and feedback for each student. Topic 1: HERODOTUS Exploring themes from Herodotus's Histories, a fascinating collection of history, ethnography, travel writing and wonder! 1. Herodotus and his world: the age of intellectual curiosity 2. Ancient travel guide: exploring different civilisations around the ancient world 3. Themes of the Histories 4. Stories about Athens and its most interesting characters 5. Stories about Sparta 6. Analysing ancient sources: piecing together the mystery

Cancellation Policy

We will do our utmost to ensure every booked class takes place. However, we strongly believe in the value of conversation between thinkers. Thus, we will not run a class with less than the minimum number of students. If we do not have a full group 24 hours before the class is set to start we will, sadly, cancel the session, refund all participants, and seek to run the class at a different time. Our full booking and cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Services.

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