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Educationally I first went to university to train as a primary school teacher. I soon realised that despite my love of learning and desire to share this with young people, the education system was not the right place for me. I returned to academic study with a BA in Social Policy from the Open University. Studying with the Open University really opened my eyes to the joy of self-studying and since then I nearly always have a course (usually purely for fun) or ‘reading-up on’ project on the go. 

During the course of my OU studies I had my two children and went on to home educate them. We’re now many years down the line, one is the other side of GCSEs and the other in the midst of them. Home educating has given me that opportunity to share my love of learning, not just with my own children but through regular workshops and groups many others. I currently tutor small groups for History and Sociology GCSE.

Sarah Large

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