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Sam Dunbavin

Although I studied languages at university (I graduated with First Class Honours from Cambridge University in 2018), my academic interests range far beyond this: I love German philosophy and history, modern European political philosophy, and English literature. I speak fluent German and Spanish, good French, and some Portuguese and Polish. Beyond the academics, I am a high-level beach volleyballer player-I have represented England on a number of occasions.

I started tutoring and teaching when I was just 18, when I worked for a not-for-profit organisation that delivered English lessons for free across Austria. This inspired me to set up my own language school when I returned home that summer, where I taught beginners Spanish, French and German to primary-school aged kids. I continued to run this every summer throughout my degree. During my year abroad (when I was 20/21), I returned to Austria and worked as an English language assistant at two different schools, teaching children from age 6 through to 18.

Whatever I’m teaching, I try to make it as interactive as possible. I use games, songs and even theatre to make sure that my students engage with the topics we are working on. My classes aren’t about me; they are simply spaces in which the children I am teaching are encouraged to contribute themselves, to think and to interact with others. 

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