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Sabrina White

I am currently a PhD Student researching United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping at the University of Leeds. This work involves consultations with the UK government on their policies at the UN. I have lectured at the University of Leeds, Regent’s University London and have delivered summer school courses through Professors without Borders at Srinakharinwirot University (Thailand) and the University of Sierra Leone.  

I have an MA in Research Methods from the University of Leeds, an MA in International Relations from Webster University, and a BM in Music Performance (orchestral flute) from Valdosta State University.  While music is no longer my main passion, it is a permanent fixture in my spare time.

I bring more than a decade of teaching experience in Model UN which includes preparing students to participate in international conferences, designing simulations for high school and university students, and holding conferences. I attended my first Model UN at age 13 and was immediately hooked.  It is a bit of everything—it develops essential skills in public speaking, debate, teamwork, negotiation, compromise, and patience.  More than a lesson in how the world works, Model UN equips you with tools to learn how to change the world. I am a great believer in the power of experiential learning, where students who ‘do’ pick up a range of skills and nuanced understandings of whatever topic they are studying.  I have seen shy young people blossom in confidence and knowledge through Model UN and I cannot wait to share this experience with your children.

Image by Duangphorn Wiriya
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