Raquel Jimenez

Hola! My name is Raquel and I have  extensive experience as a teacher of Spanish Language and Literature, as well as History. Along my career I have also worked as a nurse and nursing trainer for nursing students at the University Hospital, thus empathy is a large part of my teaching. 

I am a very dynamic, proactive, sportive, and  innovative person, always willing to introduce new technologies and methodologies in the classroom. I recently  managed a work group on new methodologies at the Hight School where I am teaching. 

I adapt very easy to multicultural environments, as well as to team working. Each day to me is a new chance to work better and more enthusiastically, since I am always willing to widen my knowledge and practical skills. I take great joy from working with children and believe kindness is a key tool to teaching. 



Always open. Ready to discuss ideas!


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We are based in Oxford, United Kingdom, but our learners join us from all over the world. 

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