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Qui Yi Lim

'm currently a 4th year dental student at Bristol University. I absolutely love science, particularly anything related to teeth, being a dental student! I love how science is constantly evolving.  The vast range of topics within science affect us daily in the most fascinating ways. Being a dental student,  I have covered a great breadth of science-based teaching including: physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, pathology and microbiology, pharmacology, biomaterials, human diseases, oral diseases, and many more.


From my time in school Biology and Chemistry have been the foundation of my degree and the subjects that I have most experience teaching. I have taught both subjects for many years to a wide range of age groups and levels; beginners, IGCSE/GCSE, and A level.


My aim as a tutor is to share my knowledge and fascination for science, the joy of learning and to help students succeed in their individual academic goals. 

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