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Nour Baddawi

Hi, I’m Nour. I have a passion for education because I believe that everyone has the right to education; to decide and choose the way that they want to live and to build their future freely and wisely. 

I have been teaching both Arabic and English since 2008. I hold an Associate Degree in Education which was attained in 2005 and was later followed in 2011 by a BA degree in Translation of Arabic and English  language. I teach English to young learners at school and tutor Arabic online to students from all around  the world.  

I have two daughters, we speak three languages every day; Arabic which is our mother tongue, English as a second language, and Turkish which is the language of where we live. 

This trilingual atmosphere increases my passion for teaching languages because we really enjoy the similarities and differences between languages and their cultures. 

My classes are not limited to the language but also cover Arabic culture and traditions which are different from one Arab country to another; therefore, they will be interactive. They will be secular and filled with interesting conversations.  

I’m looking forward to sharing Arabic language and culture with you all!

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