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Natty Samuels

Natty Mark Samuels is a charismatic communicator driven by his passion for expanding and diversifying the education of young people. 

Natty set up the African School in Oxford in 2009. He set this School up in reaction to the dearth of provision of African Studies in schools in Oxford. His goal is to share knowledge, to expand diversity in education, and to provide young people with new narratives to understand their own identity. 

Natty has created an African Studies community library and runs educational workshops for universities, museums, schools, youth clubs, and community groups in Oxford. The Oxford School specializes in African and Caribbean Folklore. 

Natty is also a writer, as well as teacher and folklorist. He reviews oral literature for the African Books Collective, and writes for two online folklore projects – Yan Dawa and Nunu.

Image by James Wiseman
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