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Nalin Kadodwala

I teach Maths, Violin, and Chess, having received my BaHons in Maths and Music at the University of Bath.   My favourite to teach of the three is chess. Chess combines the logic of Maths with the creativity of Music. The results gained by playing chess, moreover, directly translate into better problem solving and victory over more opponents!

As a child I was invited to be part of my school chess club and I was less than enthusiastic...however, my mother insisted that I join and after 25 years of playing in tournaments, Bath City Chess Club, Coventry District Chess League, Oxford District Chess League, and the 4ncl (Four Nations Chess League), I am extremely grateful that she did. I am currently rated 182 ECF (English Chess Federation). This rating equates to a UK ranking of 628.

I've coached a number of up and coming junior players for Rugby Chess Club aged 7-17. We go through games and iron out concepts that could be used in future games. Providing clear and coherent plans is what I emphasise - by absorbing these plans children know what to do even if they can’t remember the exact moves.  This type of thought process is not only beneficial on the chess board, but translates into better results in numerous other areas.

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