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Naima Mokhtar 

Naima was born in France and is of Algerian origin. For the past 15 years she has been a historical tour guide working in France, Algeria, and for the last 5 years in Oxford.  


Naima studied both art history and cultural anthropology in France, specialising in the study of building heritage policies and the concept of nationalism in France and Algeria. While in Algeria she collaborated with the government in the restoration of an Ottoman mosque from the 18th century, retracing the historical and aesthetic evolution of the building - one of the last fragments of heritage of that period in the city of Oran. From this collaboration Naima published ‘De l'émergence de l'architecture orientaliste en Algérie: Etude d'un cas particulier; l'histoire de la mosquée du Pacha d'Oran, de sa création à l'époque ottomane à nos jours, a book which shines a new light on the emergence of colonial architecture and offers an innovative approach to understanding the exchange of cultural influences between France and Algeria.


Studying art history has inspired Naima to explore and connect with the world and to contribute to its better understanding as well as to reconcile with her identity and cultural background. She thrives today by passing on the tools that shaped her own development: teaching young people to read art, to explore and engage with the world in a mode of discerning openness. 

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