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Laima Khan

I am an Oxford Graduate with an interest in medical treatment, surgeries, and research. I received first-class honours in Biomedical Sciences and studied a Masters in Radiation Biology. During my Master, I worked on Acute Myeloid Leukaemia research at Public Health England. After my Master, I did a second Master by Research in Stroke Medicine (on a scholarship) at the Institute of Neurology, at University College London. I am currently completing my Doctor training and aim to join a neurosurgical team as a surgeon. Apart from my doctor training, I am a clinical trial researcher, investigating new techniques to make organ transplant processes as effective as possible. 


I teach a range of science subjects and enjoy building relationships and working to help young children with their studies and as they establish their healthcare goals and needs. I enjoy volunteering in healthcare departments. I have been awarded a Souvenir Award and a Letter of Appreciation from the Prime Minister in 2012 for my hard work and contribution during the 2012 Olympics.

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