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I’m certain if most people knew what maths was all about it would be everyone’s favourite subject. Playing with shapes, spotting patterns, playing games and thinking up cunning strategies, solving puzzles - who wouldn’t love doing these activities? It may be a far cry from sums in a textbook, but they’re all core maths skills.


I trained as a teacher at Homerton College, Cambridge, and taught maths and science in a middle school in Suffolk, but I first remember teaching maths to my neighbour in class when I was about seven. I spent a while running a business, but I’ve also taught in Belize and Oxford, and I love working with small groups best of all. That’s when we can get really into a topic, and I get to listen to my students rather than them listening to me. If we get a really good question that diverts us from our original topic, great!


I still love getting into a good maths puzzle, and I’ve been saving up some of the best ones I’ve found, for us to take to pieces in class and find out how they work...

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel
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