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Classics Clubs

Small group classes covering Ancient History, Mythology, and Literature from Greece and Rome.


Join our Classics Club for all things Ancient Greece and Rome!




This is a club where Thinkers can come together to discuss fascinating myths and legends, literature and ancient history, and learn about Greek and Roman culture. There will be plenty of opportunity to study and discuss these topics, bringing your own knowledge and interpretations to the group and gaining new insights into ancient times.


Thinkers will benefit from:

- An exciting window into ancient times - dig deep into Greek and Roman culture!

- Critical thinking skills - why were these stories told, and how can we interpret them both in their ancient context and in modern times?

- Excellent preparation for Ancient History or Classical Civilisation IGCSEs, and a foundation for learning Latin and Greek languages.

- A greater understanding of English Literature, and experience in interpreting historical sources.

- A lot of fun with Thinkers who share the same love of Classics!


Recommended age 10 - 14.

These classes run in 6-week half-termly blocks, each class is 45 minutes long.

Classes do not include teaching of Latin and Greek, although we will discuss some words and talk about the languages where relevant.

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