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ChuMei Parisi

​I have been a Mandarin Chinese tutor for more than 10 years in the US and on-line. I have taught quite a few homeschooled kids and their moms. I have a BA in language arts.

I enjoy teaching Chinese immensely and I am passionate about making learning fun. I engage young students with games, stuffed animals, toys and singing some children songs to make lessons fun. At the end, kids are motivated to learn Chinese in a fun way. I am good at breaking down lessons for easy understanding. I homeschool my own kids and would like to become a worldschooler to learn things and new cultures along with my kids.


I am originally from Taiwan. I speak Mandarin Chinese (native), Hakkanese (a dialect), Taiwanese (a dialect), English (fluent enough), French (easily able to strike a French conversation with a native French speaker). I know Italian (a lot of words), Spanish (a lot of words). I am learning German, Japanese and Cantonese at the moment. Thanks/Xie Xie/谢谢 /Merci/Grazie/Gracias/Danke. 

Here is a link to my young students singing a Chinese song on stage. 

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