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Caroline Mukisa

I’m a maths loving, fully UK qualified maths teacher. An Imperial College and Cambridge University graduate, I have 20+ years experience in maths education. If you’re looking for an interest-based maths class to build your child’s love of maths you should step this way!


Previously I’ve taught Maths up to A Level, was a 2nd in department at a school in London, worked as an assistant examiner for Edexcel GCSE Maths and also ran a Kumon centre in Central London. I blog about maths education on my Maths Insider website and tutor maths online.

I have 4 children, one of whom I homeschool and also have one at Edinburgh University studying Computer Science. The other 2 are also awesome and along with my husband, complete our nerdy, STEM loving family. We are world citizens, as well as Brits, we have a house in London but have lived in the Arabian Gulf for over 10 years, currently in Bahrain.


My classes will be interactive. No drill and kill here! We’ll use maths to explore the world around us, using real-world examples. I’m looking forward to sharing this awesome subject with your young Thinker!

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