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Cadia Battersby

I have had a fascination with science all my life.  As a child I grew bacteria in my airing cupboard and left dead things near ant’s nests to get the skeletons.  I would ask questions around everything I was taught and I hated the “you don’t need to know that yet” response.
After graduating university with a first-class degree in biology and chemistry, I worked in the medical devices industry specifically working with products for patients with kidney disease.  I later worked for a spin-off company from Oxford University where we developed a finger prick device (to get a small drop of blood) that could tell if you were having a heart attack or not.
After working in industry for a while I trained as a secondary science teacher specialising in biology and chemistry to A-level and taught in schools in England for a few years.  Whilst in school I ran the after-school science club that was often either messy or loud but usually both.
Finally, I moved to training pharmacists to teach, so, they could become tutors for pharmacy technicians.
I am now delighted to return to education, sharing my love of science and exploration (messy and loud!) with brilliant young Thinkers. 

Chemistry Lab
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