Andrew Bryant

London born and London bred, living now in Oxford instead, I’ve travelled around from country to country, living in Spain for many a year, pursuing professions great and diverse: Magician, Translator, Interpreter or worse(!), but always a Teacher, mainly of tongues, a passion of mine, that’s second to none…

Indeed, languages are far more than mere grammar and words: they host and transmit culture, both that of the speakers and in general. Through time and space, we communicate with others. But, we also do so internally – enabling us to discover our inner self. Languages, hence, widen our horizons, yielding a window on the world and on ourselves. They open our mind, fomenting not only intellectual but also emotional intelligence. Without language, we would exist bereft of wit and wisdom: as Descartes said, Cogito ergo sum!

Finally, you’ll find languages fun –

Go back and read paragraph one!



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We are based in Oxford, United Kingdom, but our learners join us from all over the world. 

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