Andi Reiss

Andi Reiss is an independent filmmaker and since 2000 has worked freelance and on contract as a producer, director, camera op, editor, colourist, video artist, script-writer, photographer and educator. He has a Masters (with Distinction) in 21st Century Media Practice and has made content ranging from some festival winning documentaries to stylised studio and presenter led programmes to multi-channel art installations, video-variant projections, short dramas, commercials, corporates, music vids, live events, photographic exhibitions and soundscapes. He has also created videos and multimedia projects for cultural, non-profit and educational organisations, and works regularly on factual projects as a self-shooting producer/director, cameraperson and editor. 

Over the years he has travelled extensively, living and working in New Zealand, China, The Philippines, The Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.



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